Our World Premiere

“We need to keep talking until everyone can understand [mental illness]; kudos to Woodstein for starting the conversation.” - Jenn Oswald in The Argus 

Our Chicago Premiere

“...fresh-out-of theater-school playwright Aaron Harris Woodstein has an autobiographical tale in hand for the next Moth Story Slam.” - Dan Jakes from The Chicago Reader


Jack, on a road trip with his friend Gabe, is faced with major coming of age moments (including awaiting the results of an HIV test) which turns into a full-blown manic episode. We are propelled backwards and forwards in time as the play unfolds through the lens of Jack’s mind.

Our Catalyst Ranch Show

“Felt as if it was a mirror in some ways to [my own life] and I felt moved by it. Very very moved by it.” - Rachel Dicker, Audience Member

Our Staged Reading

“The script style was very innovative, the way it structured dialogue... it really was an interesting thing to behold.... [Playwright Aaron Harris Woodstein] brings a lot of innovation to the stage” - Bill Turck on Playtime Radio

What is "Turn That Thing Around: A Tour"?

This project will bring Aaron Harris Woodstein’s play, Turn That Thing Around, to the Chicagoland Area. The show will tour along Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) “Red Line” route to reach the broadest swath of Chicago audiences possible. Shows will be “pay what you can” so that they are accessible financially.

“Turn That Thing Around” is Aaron’s own personal story of survival, and has been performed five times for live audiences. The play moves rapidly from scene to scene, but the audience slowly gets the full picture of Jack’s journey. Aaron uses the pseudonym “Jack” for the script. Also, the Narrator reveals themselves to be a now healthy Jack in real life having survived the manic and depressive episodes.

The play features three bisexual characters. It also brings up the issues of mental health, sexual health, coming of age, and stigma as a barrier to treatment. A talkback will take place after each performance to deconstruct the themes, and emphasize our message: you are not alone, no matter what your struggle.

Touring around the greater Chicagoland area along the CTA “Red Line” train route to colleges, not-for-profit organizations, and public venues will help bring awareness to the issues the play presents.

The tour will be directed by Iris Sowlat. She came on in the beginning of the show’s development to direct the first fully staged productions of the piece. Iris has decided to come full-circle and direct the show once again in its final form.

The show is a multimedia performance with a fully scored sound design and dynamic projections that interact with the performers. The rest of the design areas are stripped down to the necessities. Utilizing actor blocks as scenery and simple costumes, we seamlessly encounter the 21 different plotlines and 19 characters in this rapidly shifting narrative.

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by Luke J


Our Musicians:


Eric Novak, oboe, baritone saxophone
Audrey Fitzgerald, Bb clarinet
Andrew Smelser, Bb clarinet, Bb bass clarinet
Keziah Cobden, horn in F
Adam Wax, horn in F, piano
Michelle Riechers, Bb trumpet
Sam Stevens, trombone
Brandon Moore, tuba


William Greenlee, violin
Alejandro Mancera, viola
Michael Grittani, cello

Aaron Harris Woodstein, voice
John Cossio, guitar
Ryan Donlin, electric bass
Luke McLoughlin, conductor, piano, auxiliary percussion



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