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Phoenix Rising Productions

Aaron created their company to support Artists, Writers, and Performers who were cast aside, not paid when promised, and who have real good to do for this world.
In their own designs, they strive to amplify underrepresented voices and groups.

Since 2015, Phoenix Rising Productions (formerly Aaron Harris Woodstein Design) has been producing full productions and readings in Illinois. Phoenix Rising also co-hosted a reading in NYC with Unseen Artists.

During the Pandemic, Phoenix Rising Productions employed actors at $15/hour to workshop playwrights' new works (submitted through a public google form), and to also produce a developmental workshop of Turn That Thing Around on Zoom.

Previous Full-Staged Productions:

The Fires of Nero by Aaron H Woodstein ~ Stage 773 - 2018
Turn That Thing Around by Aaron H Woodstein ~ Catalyst Ranch ~ 2017
The Fires of Nero by Aaron H Woodstein ~ Collaboraction's Vault Space ~ 2016
Turn That Thing Around ~ Chicago Fringe Festival ~ 2015
Turn That Thing Around ~ Illinois Wesleyan's Young Main Lounge ~ 2015

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