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2,455 Healthy Days

A lot has happened in my life since my last post. Since I last wrote, I had been struggling with my own identity issues. In the past few months, I have come out as Nonbinary and use exclusively They/Them pronouns now. This has helped me with all aspects of my life and I feel more like me than I've ever been.

Another big change is that my Husband, Chris, and I have moved to Cincinnati, OH while I pursue my Master's Degree in Sound Design from the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music. I am finishing up my first semester in the next few weeks. I am excited to say that I will be a Graduate Assistant next semester so I'll be able to have some instruction hours as well!

Things are going really well and I have my family and friends to thank for their support.

Till next time!

Aaron Harris Woodstein

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