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Aaron's Biggest Production

On April 2nd, 2019 I set out on a one night only endeavor of a lifetime: my wedding! Being a theatre kid everything had to go off without a hitch, and all of the potential pitfalls were planned in advance!

One moment that really sticks out to me: in all of my planning and preparation. That neither me or my husband to be had eaten at all leading up to the ceremony. My dad had it handled.

The day had four parts: the ceremony, the reception, OutSpoken LGBT storytelling night, and the after party.

The ceremony was beautiful with my former boss at the IWU Chapel as the Chaplain:

Paired with an adoring wedding party:

A lovely flower girl:

Two astute ring bearers (including my sound design student Jack!):

And a movie style kiss:

It was absolutely perfect.

The reception was lovely getting to see our friends, family, and chosen family!

And after printing out my speech 3 minutes before I went on: my OutSpoken debut was a killer success!

The after party was a great opportunity to see the family and friends that we couldn't fit into the first venue. And boy was that cake gorgeous!

Chris and I want to thank everyone who made this most auspicious of productions a success and as always, Love Wins!

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