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Turn That Thing Around Goes to Catalyst Ranch

For the first time, I was able to launch Turn That Thing Around without crowdfunding. In previous crowdfunding campaigns we were able to create a set and some costumes for the show. This time around was special as we used ticket sales to fully cover the costs.

In terms of the production, the cast were a joy to work with. They brought a richness and spirit to the show that was amazing to see. We had a male and a female understudy for the show that appeared on two or more shows (depending on the person). They each did a spectacular job.

Our Director this time around was Kayla White (who also directed The Fires of Nero). She brought with her a stellar energy each day and really dived into this challenging text to bring out the different characters and highlight important moments.

We had a stellar fight choreographer, Nicky Jasper, who truly heightened the drama with her intense pieces. It's an astoundingly different experience when Jack ends up in a headlock.

In addition for this performance we had two ASL Interpreters, Veramarie B and Mark M, to help convey the story to a different audience.

Overall it was a really rewarding experience that had a profound impact on its audience. One digital audience member agreed to be interviewed about the show and that interview can be found here:

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