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3500 Healthy Days

What a 500 days it has been! Since I last blogged, I graduated with my MFA in Sound Design from University of Cincinnati's CCM, moved back to Chicago, and started a full-time job at Northlight Theatre as their AV Supervisor (Sound and Projections). Right before moving back permanently, I was blessed to celebrate 3500 healthy days at my Alma Mater, Illinois Wesleyan University.

The Friday of IWU's homecoming marked 3500 healthy days for me and I knew I had to do something special. I reached out to my former professors and asked if I could do a reading of the newest version of Turn That Thing Around to celebrate that milestone and my appointment to the Alumni Board as the Pride Alumni Community Chair.

They said "Yes!" and the reading was a rousing success. It was so cool to see the show come full circle having premiered independently at IWU in 2014. For your listening pleasure, a recording of the reading is below:


Narrator: Hannah Freund

Jack: Jack Klein

Gabe: Elias Becker

Person 1: Sam Landt

Person 2: Ryan Domalewski

Person 3: Semaj Young

Stage Direction Reader: Micah Manternach

Content Warning: This play is about an individual who struggles with their mental health. While not specifically the general theme, some topics about HIV, panic disorders, depression, thoughts of suicide, and bouts of mania are discussed in the story.

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